Library’s Stephenson accepted to Civic Seminary

Amber Stephenson, Lead Manager at the Bay St. Louis-Hancock County Library, has been accepted to attend the Citizen University Civic Seminary in April, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.

The Citizen University Civic Seminary prepares everyday citizens to lead their communities toward a renewed sense of shared civic power and moral purpose. Seminarians explore the ethical foundations of their beliefs (and those of others), learn to craft and deliver catalytic sermons that draw on both the current day and the civic traditions of our society, and ultimately create a Civic Saturday Program where they live or work.

Stephenson holds a BA in Library and Information Science, and has just received her Master’s in Library and Information Science. She has worked at the Hancock County Library System for the past 6 years, serving as the children’s librarian, public service assistant, and currently as lead branch manager at the Bay St. Louis-Hancock County Library.

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