Library eBooks are available for almost any device

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Frequently Asked Questions about your eReader card

Do I need a special card?  How do I get one?
You need an eReader card, available at any library branch. Just show proof of residence as described on the borrower application, or ask the library staff to allow you to purchase an out-of-area card for $25.00.

Will I need a PIN number?  How do I get one?
Yes. Please ask the staff to look yours up or assign you a new one.

Will the service still work if I have library fines or overdue books on my card?
You will need to clear any fines or overdue books on your card, as they will prevent you from accessing our eBook resources.

How long can I keep an eBook?
You can check out your eBook for 14 days. There are no renewals. eBooks automatically expire after 14 days.

How many library eBooks can I check out at one time?
You can check out up to three eBooks. 

What happens when my time is up and my eBooks are due?
Your eBooks will automatically expire when the loan period is over. While the books may still appear in the list on your device, you will be unable to open them.  

What if I want more books?
Scroll down the OverDrive main page to Additional eBooks. These are classic titles in the public domain (like Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen books) that are always available, never expire, and don’t count against your checkout limit.  These are in EPUB format for Nook, Android, and iOS devices.  For Kindle, you can find the same books at Project Gutenberg.

Are there any overdue fines for eBooks?
No, you will never get an overdue fine on our eBooks, as they expire automatically.

What if I finish my eBooks early?
To return and delete the items, touch and hold the book cover, then select Return (in the app). Visit the Manage my Kindle section on Amazon (for Kindle) or use Adobe Digital Editions (for other eReaders). 

Electronic Reading Devices

What devices can I use to read library eBooks?
You can read library eBooks on most eReaders, tablets, smart phones, and even on your desktop or laptop computer. Visit the Help page to see a complete list.

How do I get library eBooks on my Android or iOS device?
Download the Overdrive app for Android or for iOS and select Hancock County Library System as your library.

How do I get library eBooks on my Kindle Fire?
Visit on your Kindle Fire. Select Kindle as your book format. You will need to sign in to your Amazon account.

How do I get library eBooks on my older model Kindle?
Visit on any internet-connected desktop or laptop computer. Select Kindle as your format. You will need to sign into your Amazon account. Once Amazon has sent the eBook to your Kindle, it will download the next time you connect your Kindle to the WiFi.

How do I get library eBooks on my older model Nook or other eReader that does not support apps?
Download the free program, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), to your desktop or laptop, or ask a library staff member to show you a library computer that has it. Visit, then use ADE and a USB cable to transfer the eBook to your device.  You will need to sign up for a free Adobe ID to access your books.

How do I get library eBooks on my desktop or laptop computer?
eBooks marked “OverDrive READ” can be read right in your web browser.

Do I have to be connected to WiFi to read?
Once the book is downloaded to your device, you can read even when you’re not connected. The only exception is for OverDrive READ on your desktop or laptop: this requires an active connection.