Suggested books for the Job Seeker are listed below. The title is listed first, followed by the author, the call number and the branch where the book can be found.

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  • A Simple Guide to Finding a Job with LinkedIn, Hunter, Claire & Somody, Michele —650 HUNT/ BSL
  • The Only Resume and Cover Letter Book You'll Ever Need: 400 Resumes for all Industries and Positions; 400 Cover Letters for Every Situation, Walsh, Richard — 650 WALS/BSL
  • The Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World, Johansson, Frans — 650.1 JOHA/EH
  • Earn What You're Really Worth: Maximize your Income at any time in any Market, Tracy, Brian — 650.1 TRAC/EH
  • Life after the Military: a Handbook for Transitioning Veterans, Hill, Janelle — 650.1086 HILL/BSL
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love, Miller, Dan — 650.13 MILL/EH, PL
  • Successful Job Search Strategies for the Disabled: understanding the ADA, Allen, Jeffrey G. — 650.14 ALLE/BSL
  • The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide: How to find hope and rewarding work even when "there are no jobs", Bolles, Richard Nelson — 650.14 BOLL/WV
  • The 2-Hour Job Search: Using technology to Get the Right Job Faster, Dalton, Steve — 650.14 DALT/BSL
  • Get Hired in A Tough Market: Insider secrets to find and land the job you need now, De Back, Alan — 650.14 DEBA/WV
  • No-Nonsense Resumes and Cover Letters: The essential guide, Enelow, Wendy S. — 650.14 ENEL/BSL
  • 101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview, Fry, Ronald W. — 650.14 FRY/KN
  • Your First Resume: The comprehensive preparation guide for high school and college students, Fry, Ronald W. — 650.14 FRY/KN
  • Resumes for Dummies, Kennedy, Joyce Lain — 650.14 KENN/EH
  • I Got My Dream Job And So Can You: 7 Steps to creating your ideal career after college, Leibman, Pete — 650.14 LEIB/EH
  • 1,001 Phrases You Need to Get a Job: The "Hire me" words that set your cover letter, resume, and job interview apart, Schuman, Nancy — 650.14 SCHU/EH
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  • Knock 'em Dead 2013: The ultimate job search guide, Yate, Martin John — 650.14 YATE/BSL
  • Knock 'em Dead: The ultimate job seeker's handbook, Yate, Martin John — 650.14 YATE/BSL, KN
  • The Web 2.0 Job Finder: Winning strategies to get the job you want from fortune 500 hiring pros, Greene, Brenda — 650.1402856 GREE/PL
  • Adams Cover Letter Almanac, Adams Publishing — 650.142 ADAM/PL
  • Before and After Resumes: How to turn a good resume into a great one, Burns-Martin, Tracy — 650.142 BURN/BSL, EH, WV
  • The Quick Résumé & Cover Letter Book: Write and use an effective résumé in only one day, Farr, J. Michael — 650.142 FARR/EH
  • Gallery of Best Cover Letters: A collection of quality cover letters by professional résumé writers, Noble, David F. — 650.142 NOBL/EH
  • Packaging Yourself: The targeted résumé, Wendleton, Kate — 650.142 WEND/BSL
  • Knock 'em Dead Resumes: How to write a killer resume that gets you job interviews, Yate, Martin John — 650.142 YATE/BSL
  • Competency-Based Interviews: How to master the tough interview style used by the Fortune 500s, Kessler, Robin — 650.144 KESS/EH
  • Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?: Trick questions, zen-like riddles, insanely difficult puzzles, and other devious interviewing techniques you need to know to get a job anywhere in the new economy, Poundstone, William — 650.144 POUN/EH