What to Read

Visit the digital collection for teens in the eReading Room.

Visit the digital collection for teens in the eReading Room.

  • Check out library eBooks from the Teen Reading Room with your eReader card (available at the front desk). 

  • Alex Awards: The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18

  • Ansible: The Ender’s Game wiki 

  • Book Riot: Always books.  Never boring.  Book reviews, trailers, and author news

  • Guys Read: Suggested books and links to authors

  • The Hub: One-stop-shop for teen reads with recommendations, book trailers and other videos, and best of the best lists

  • Printz Award: The top young adult books each year

  • Quick Picks: Even if you don’t love to read, you’ll like these books

  • Seventeen Magazine: Fashion, beauty, college life, celebrities and health

  • Teen InkMagazine, website and books written by teens

  • Teen Reads: Contests, polls, reviews, book blog, and the Ultimate Reading List

  • YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Books: A "teen choice" list, where teens nominate and choose their favorite books of the previous year!


  • Animoto: Make short movies with music

  • Free Sound: Royalty-free music and sounds to use in your projects

  • Glogster: Poster yourself.  Create interactive posters. 

  • Hero Machine: Create your own superhero by choosing from hundreds of different combinations of body parts, costumes, and more  

  • Photoshop Express: Free online photo editor, great effects

  • Photonhead: Want to get into photography but have a shaky knowledge of the basics? Photonhead will turn you into a photographer in no time with its in-depth tips for taking and editing pics.

  • Soundation: Create and share audio tracks

  • Teen Ink: Submit your art for the magazine,or appreciate the work on display here.

Entertainment & Sports

  • AllMusic: Makes it easy to decide which artists and albums are worth listening to. You can even register and rate albums to receive personalized recommendations

  • Anime News Network: News site and an encyclopedia all in one. Be sure to check out their seasonal previews

  • A.V. Club: News, reviews, and discussion of practically everything – movies, TV, books, music, you name it

  • Comic Book Resources: Addicted to comics? Keep up-to-date with news, reviews, and analysis

  • Crunchyroll: Read manga and watch the newest episodes of popular anime

  • IGN: Gaming news, reviews, walkthroughs, and more

  • Internet Movie Database: Movies and TV: casting, release dates, reviews, trivia, actor bios, quotes – it’s all here

  • Kotaku: Awesome gaming news

  • My Anime List: Find new anime and manga, discuss, and keep track of what you've watched and read

  • PS2 Blog: Where the people who create the games meet gamers and fans directly. Conversation goes both ways, so make your thoughts known

  • SB Nation: Sports blog network full of insightful content on your favorite sports and teams

Fun & Facts

  • Guinness World Records: Biggest, fastest, most, and wackiest

  • How Stuff Works: Debunking urban legends, brain games, and stuff you should watch 

  • Laughing Squid: Blog that collects interesting, awesome stuff from all over the Net 

  • The Straight Dope: Scrupulously researched answers to questions about nearly every topic you can imagine

  • Snopes: Curious about all those urban legends you’ve heard? Snopes is dedicated to evaluating the validity of popular rumors 

  • TV Tropes: Careful – it's easy to lose hours at a time to this addictive wiki that attempts to catalog all known uses of every fictional trope under the sun. Aspiring writers in particular will find much to like here 

Health & Lifestyle

  • Fashion Beans: Fashion for guys  

  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Teen Resources: Relevant information on health, sex & risky behavior

  • Teen Help: Anonymous, free help via forums or live chat.

  • Teens Health: A safe, private place for teens who need honest information and advice about health, emotions, and life. Accessible 24 hours a day so you can get the doctor-approved information you need to make educated decisions — or help a friend who needs advice

  • Teen Vogue: Fashion for girls


Homework by laffy4k on Flickr.jpg

Science and Tech

  • Popular Science: Fascinating news site that explores the way science impacts our understanding of art, history, music, and more

  • Merck Veterinary Manual: Look up health information for pets and farm animals.

  • SciGames: Build or blow up a solar system, deflect an asteroid, and other science games from the Space Science Institute. Also has apps and educator links.

  • Wired: The latest in technology news and geek culture 

Your Future

Driving by Jace on Pixabay
  • Cappex: Not only does Cappex help find the best college for you, it also hooks you up with the scholarships that are best suited to your unique strengths and skills

  • College Board: Whether you need help planning for the SAT, AP classes, or college, College Board has you covered with straightforward step-by-step walkthroughs

  • College Navigator: Find the right college for you, with comparisons and an interactive map

  • take free practice tests for your MS driving permit

  • NOT the state site, this is a private site explaining how everything works

  • FastWeb: Find college scholarships.  You must create an account, but it's free

  • FinAid: Find scholarships, grants, and other types of aid including fellowships

  • Learning Express: take practice tests for ACT, SAT, and more

  • Life After High School: Explore your career & college options with this list of links

  • MS Department of Public Safety: Learner's Permit

  • MS DPS: 15 & 16 Year Old License

  • MS Driver's Manual: If you're a Mississippi resident, the questions on your written driving test will come from this manual, which covers all the rules of driving and driver safety

  • My Future: Whether you plan on going to college, joining the military, or heading straight into the workforce, gives you tons of helpful information based on your own personalized pathway to success

  • Peterson's Guide: Find the college that's right for you.  Includes tips for applications, essays, distance learning and admissions timelines

  • Rock the Vote: Protecting freedom of speech, Educating about issues that affect us, and Motivating young people to participate by registering, voting and speaking out

  • Study Guide Zone: Free resources for preparing to take standardized tests

  • Teen Driving: Driving stuff for rookies - not just driving tips, but also getting your license, buying a car, finding an online driving course, parallel parking, and more!

  • Toyota Heads Up: Driving practice 



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